Camper Contact & Photos

Want to keep in touch with your camper?

You came to the right place!

Are you interested in seeing photos of your camper while they're at camp? Would you like to send them one-way emails? We are proud to partner with Bunk1 to provide families with a simple way to keep in touch and see what's happening here at camp.

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Camper E-mail & Photo FAQs:

Is there a cost to email my camper?

Yes, there is a cost to send emails. You can purchase credits, which are used to send emails, but can also be used to add photos, games, puzzles, and more.

How often are the e-mails delivered?

We print the emails around 10:00AM each day, and will deliver them to your camper after lunch. Any email sent after 10:00 will be delivered the following day.

Can my camper e-mail me back?

No, our emails are a one-way system. We print them out and deliver to campers after lunch daily. Send stamps and stationary to have your camper write to you!

Is there a cost to view photos?

No! Photos are totally free to view, but you will need an account to access them.

Why haven't I seen a photo of my camper?

We have over 400 people on property during a normal camp session, and only one photographer! We do our very best to make sure every camper has their photo taken during a session, but sometimes that can get tricky. We ask for your understanding while we try our hardest!