Classic Camp

Classic Camp

Classic Camp is our most popular summer camp experience at Ligonier for campers ages 8-17. With options for one week or two weeks, campers can enjoy the chance to sample a variety of activities, including sports, campfires, a day at the lake, horses, games, crafts, and adventure challenges. Classic campers are housed in our rustic cabins in the Summer Camp Village and will eat meals in our dining hall. 

One Week

One week at Classic Camp is a great chance to check out all the camp has to offer! During the session, campers live in cabins of 8-10 other campers and may participate in a variety of activities, including: drama, archery, air guns, tennis, basketball, swimming, arts & crafts, hockey, lacrosse, horseback riding (for campers 10 and older), climbing, caving, ropes courses (for campers 12 and older), CLUB, camp-wide games, a day at the lake, and so much more!

Two Weeks

Two weeks at Classic Camp offer a longer opportunity to try new activities, focus on building skills in a particular area through electives, and continue to grow a community among campers in a tribe. While one week camp is the perfect setting to try camp, two week camps are the ideal option for relationship building among campers and between campers and counselors. 

In addition to the activities at one week of Classic Camp, two-weekers will experience elective courses, cookouts, talent shows, concerts, a day at the lake, worship, and camp outs. 

Typical Daily Schedule

7:30 - Optional early morning activity: campers can wake up to do Polar Bears where they do an early morning swim in the pool, or they can do Road Runners, where they go for a run down our driveway.

8:30 - Breakfast in the dining hall. Campers eat together at the same table with their cabin and counselors at all of the meals. It's cafeteria-style to get your food. Typical breakfasts are eggs, bacon and hash browns, pancakes & sausage, or breakfast sandwiches. There's also fresh fruit and cereal at every breakfast.

9:30 - Bible Study with the cabin, lead by the counselor

10:30 - Skill - this is a sport or activity taught to the whole cabin. The counselor will sign up the cabin for their morning skill. Possible skills include archery, swimming, tennis, arts & crafts, soccer, basketball, volleyball, drama, or air rifles. 

11:30 - Co-Operative Time - this is an activity planned by the counselor for the whole cabin to do together. It could be a nature hike, a game of dodgeball, or a round of color team competition against another cabin. 

12:30 - Lunchtime! Typical lunches include sloppy joes and tater tots, grilled cheese and tomato soup, or turkey sandwiches and fries. We also serve fresh fruit, Wowbutter (a soy substitute for peanut butter), carrots and hummus or broccoli and ranch dressing. Campers eat together as a cabin with their counselors.

1:30 - Cabin Clean up. It is what it sounds like! They clean the cabin. Believe us, it's a daily necessity.

1:45 - Rest hour. Campers have an hour of quiet time in their bunks. Sleeping isn't required, but being quiet and resting is. This is when we deliver mail for the day, as well. 

3:00 - Skill - We do two rotations of Skill, so the counselor would sign campers up for a second activity during this time.

4:00 - Action Options. This is a facilitated free time for campers, where they are able to choose whatever activity they would like to do individually based on the things we are offering at that time. Typical activities include the pool, the craft hall, the camp store (where they can buy snacks and hang out), the "Rec Deck" which is a pavilion with fooseball, ping pong and board games, and the pavilion where they can play four square or basketball. All of those areas are supervised by counselors, but campers can freely come and go during that time. 

5:30 - Dinner! Dinners at camp include pizza, chicken & broccoli alfredo, pork chops and mashed potatoes, taco night, or fried chicken. We always have a full salad bar and sometimes serve dessert. 

6:30 - Wide Game - we call it that because it's camp-wide! Each cabin is on a color team (red, blue, yellow or green) and they compete together in a capture-the-flag-esque game each evening. They're big group games that often involve running around and tagging one another. 

7:30 - Camp store/shower time. Half of the campers go to the showers while the other half go to the camp store to hang out. After half an hour, they switch. Showers are brief and happen in our bathhouse. Counselors are present to make sure kids move quickly through the process, but maintain privacy for kids, too. There are always multiple counselors there, to ensure the safety of all of the kids. 

8:45 - CLUB - Club is our evening program. It's a mix of a loud, worship songs with a band playing, as well as a late-night skit show. We do silly games, skits, songs and generally make it as fun as possible. It also always closes with someone on our staff giving a talk to share how campers can grow in their faith. 

10:00 - Devotions. Counselors help kids get ready for bed and then settle in for the night with a brief closing devotion. Usually it's a quiet time to reflect on the day and pray before bed.

10:15 - Lights out!