Do you have questions?

We want to help!

Below are some of our frequently asked questions for guest groups and retreats. Please feel free to contact us if your questions go unanswered!

What type of events do you accommodate?

We welcome retreat groups, church groups (men's, women's and youth groups), reunions and adventure groups, just to name a few. Whether you're bringing your family for a reunion, a youth group for a retreat, or a corporate group for a time of team-building and instructive seminars, our facilities are here to meet your needs.

What facilities are available to rent? What is the cost?

We have a number of housing options, as well as additional facilities that you can rent! Please click here to browse our facilities gallery. You can click here to find a pricing guide.

Are meals included with my stay?

If your group is staying in the Lamont Lodge, meals are typically included in the cost. Please contact us for more information.

Can I camp on your property?

You can! We only do tent camping, and we do not have RV hook-ups. Contact us if you're interested in tent camping on our property.

What activities are available?

We have a full array of adventure activities which you can browse here, in addition to planned events like family camps and educational programming. There are also lots of local attractions you can enjoy as well.

Internet, tech, sound—what is available?

Some, but not all, of our facilities have wireless internet. We also have a projector, screen, sound systems, and a complete array of audio/visual equipment. Let us know your needs before you come!

Can you accommodate dietary concerns?

Absolutely. We are able to handle food concerns and allergies including gluten free, dairy, wheat, nuts, melon, etc. Please contact the Guest Services Director with any concerns before you come, so we can best serve you.

Do I need to make a deposit? When is the final payment required?

We do require a deposit to guarantee your spot. Final payments can be made before you depart, or we can send you an invoice with payment due in 20 days.

I want to know more! Please help me!

Don't panic! We can help. You can click here to fill out the Guest Services Inquiry form, or contact us directly by calling (724) 238-6428.