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Catherine Coyle

Catherine Coyle is a native of Carlisle, PA and a recent graduate of Messiah College with a degree in Studio Art. She grew up attending LCCC as a camper and has worked in almost every possible position: as a CIT, counselor, wrangler, Women’s Director, and now as an intern. She loves the variety of work that makes up life at Ligonier Camp–from working in the kitchen, to leading middle schoolers in initiatives, to babysitting. When she’s not coming up with delicious meals for fellow vegetarians in the kitchen, Catherine enjoys reading, being outside, spending time with kittens, and otherwise creating. She’s excited to see how the Lord will use this time to continue to teach her about hospitality ministry and lead her on to whatever is next.

Katie Mayo

Katie comes to LCCC from Manassas, VA, and is a recent graduate of the University of Mary Washington where she earned degrees in International Affairs and History. She’s spent a number of years at Ligonier as a camper, CIT, and counselor. She has experiences working as a campus tour guide, interning at an international microfinance non-profit, and she spent two summers as a Historic Interpreter for the Manassas Museum System. Katie came to know the Lord during her time as a camper, and knows first-hand the transformative power of the ministry of LCCC. That love, as well as a calling towards international non-profit work and ministry, gave her the desire to join our team for the internship experience. Katie is a self-confessed bookworm who loves to read all the time. She also enjoys hiking, singing, and “baking lots of desserts that aren’t good for me.”

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Annie Pompelia

Annie, a 2017 graduate of Saint Louis University with a degree in Communications, comes to Ligonier Camp by way of Cincinnati, Ohio. She began her time at Ligonier at the age of 12 after being invited by her cousins, and found herself returning for the next ten years. In that span of time, Annie has been a camper, CIT, counselor, and CIT Director. She is excited about spending her time interning as an opportunity to learn more about ministry and nonprofit work, while pouring back into the place that God used to shape her. She loves seeing the ways that various churches, schools, organizations and individuals come together and grow during their time at LCCC. When she’s not busy cleaning the KYBO or trying on a new fanny pack, Annie enjoys biking, hiking, writing letters, trying new things, and celebrating.

Derek Smith

Derek hails from Sterling, VA and graduated in May from James Madison University with a degree in Marketing. He came to LCCC for the first time as a leader with his church, Riverside Presbyterian, while attending the OTE program. Since then, he’s put in four summers on staff–two as a wilderness counselor, and two as the Next Level and OTE Director. He loves the community at camp, where everyone points one another back to Christ in both good and bad situations. He wants to spend the year discerning how to best use his gifts professionally, as well as picking up as many new life skills as possible including hunting, welding and woodworking. He loves to play sports, hike, and is a particularly skilled wood burner.

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Tyler Stafinski

Tyler comes to Ligonier Camp from Medina, Ohio. He graduated from Hocking Tech where he studied Eco-tourism Adventure Travel. In 2014, the Lord called Tyler to be a member of the LCCC maintenance staff for a summer that changed his life forever: that summer, he encountered Jesus in a powerful way. He spent the next three summers on staff–as a counselor, CIT Director and Men's Director. His love of the outdoors and God’s creation, as well seeing people being transformed by camp led Tyler to join our year-round staff as an intern. When he’s not in the kitchen experimenting, Tyler enjoys birding, hiking, backpacking, and roasting his own coffee. He’s excited about using this experience of service to see where the Lord will call him to next.

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