Infirmary Policies & Procedures

Infirmary Procedures and Policies

  1. Parents will be notified anytime their camper needs to stay overnight int he infirmary, if they have a fever, severe allergic reaction to food, poison ivy, sun, insect bite, etc., or any doctor or emergency room trips. Parents will be advised to contact the insurance carrier prior to their child being seen by our primary care physician.
  2. ALL medications brought to camp, including over the counter medications must be in their original bottles, or they CANNOT be administered. Inhalers must be in their box with a current prescription attached, and they should be listed on the camper's health history form under medications.
  3. All medications administered to campers are overseen by a registered nurse.
  4. Parents must pick up their camper’s medication on SCRAM Day from the infirmary. 
  5. For campers with medical insurance, doctor’s visits and prescriptions may be covered by the camper’s medical insurance provider. Any other medical bills, prescription costs, or copays will be paid by the camper’s parent/guardian prior to departure from Ligonier Camp.
  6. Excela Square at Ligonier is our primary care physician office. The office number is (724) 238-6668. Latrobe Area Hospital will be used in cases of emergency. Their number is (724) 537-1187.