Program Expansions


Programmatic Expansions


Family Camp

We believe that working to strengthen and preserve families is essential to a child’s faith, character, and leadership development. In a world that pulls families in many different directions it is hard to find affordable options that provide space for families to enjoy one another in a recreational setting and be encouraged to focus on a holistic perspective of care for one’s spouse and children. For the past six years LCCC has run a unbelievably successful pilot program which is why family camp will now be run throughout the entire summer.

Foster Kids

There are over 1,600 children in foster care in Westmoreland and Allegheny County. In conjunction with First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, LCCC will develop a summer camp program to reach these children. We want to help create experiences that will strengthen and build relationships between social services, volunteers, sponsoring churches, and foster parents. A camp program provides a dynamic environment that has the power to build lifelong relationships and has the potential to create ongoing mentoring opportunities that these kids need. 

Campers with Special Needs

For the past four years, LCCC has successfully run a day camp for kids with autism. In addition to Adventure Day Camp, Ligonier Camp has worked with Dialysis Clinic Inc. for over twenty years with kids who have kidney disease. We believe that there are many types of kids who have the physical ability to do camp with a little bit of extra care.  We want to continue to expand our reach so that more children can have a Ligonier Camp experience.  

Larger Retreat Groups

Over the past several years, LCCC has had to turn down groups or has lost groups that have outgrown the camps available space. Our desire is to expand our ability to serve more groups of larger size and to serve our existing groups better.