Summer Camp Blog

Meet the Horses

If you have ever been to Ligonier Camp before, you know that when you pull into the driveway one of the first thing you see is a big, white barn.  While most of the year our barn is used for simple storage, during the summer we actually have horses in there.  For a small additional fee, campers can go on a trail ride with our wranglers.  Today, we'd love to give you the chance to meet our horses.  


Chester, along with David, is one of the horses that we use for our very beginners, or those who are scared.  He has the patience of a saint and allows the kids to have a lot of fun on their ride. 


David, along with Chester, is another horse we use for our very beginners.  Despite being one of our taller horses, David is as gentle as a rabbit and makes sure that our first time riders have a great experience. 


Ginger, is a big horse with a big heart for kids, which means he does his best to give every child the best trail ride possible.  Ginger is also a "twin" to Mayme. 


K-Train, is what we call our drag horse, meaning he brings up the end of the line. Which is a perfect spot for this foodie, because it means that when we do girth checks he is free to graze to his hearts content. 


Mayme, is the second of the "twins" at the barn, to Ginger.  He considers Ginger his best friend, and thinks that life cannot go on without him. 


Mike, is the cuddle bug of the barn.  He is sweet, kind, and loves to be ridden by anyone and everyone.  All of his riders enjoy riding him as well! 


Sal, is a great horse for our riders who want to learn more about horseback riding.  For the more advanced rider, he allows them to learn more about horse dynamics and how to be a better rider. 


Shektar, is our lead horse.  He is fearless, and leads the other horses and riders safely through all of the trails. 


Trinity, is the smallest pony we have.  What he lacks in physical size he makes up for in spirit. He is a great horse and really helps our beginners to continue to grow in their riding.


And those are our horse!  We love all of them, and we love our wranglers even more for taking care of them.  Our horses get groomed twice a day, and are lovingly let out every morning and fed tons of treats.  Next time you see the wranglers give them a huge thank you!