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4th of July!!!!

Happy 5th of July!

Yesterday, our great country celebrated its 240th birthday.  But, at camp.  We don't really care about that. 

We don't paint faces. 

We don't have a parade. 





We don't have a dunk tank. 

Just Kidding! 

We have all of this and so much more for the 4th of July.  We love having camp full of kids, who just wanna be silly and have fun.  We love celebrating, and we love celebrating with them even more.  

The rain may have cancelled the fireworks- don't worry, they come later- and cut the carnival a little short, but the joy and excitement never left.  

Thank you to all who participated and who helped make this all happen.  


To see more photos, check out our Bunk1 page. Also, check out Facebook to see photo's from our Photo Booth.