Summer Camp Blog

The Lake

In 2012, Ligonier Camp was lucky enough to add to our expansive property with our lake. Adding the lake meant that we were then able to offer many more adventure experiences to our campers in the summer, and various outside groups during the year. 

Each session, every unit gets to spend one full day at the lake, working their way through various activities.  Bible Study at the lake is always a fan favorite.  Being at the lake, and getting to explore its beauty, is just another fantastic way that campers can indulge in the wonder of the Lord. 

Next up, is Laser Tag.  While the Lake program use to run a Paintball program, in recent years we have moved to Laser Tag.  Watching campers run around, attempting to eliminate one another, or find the other teams flag, is truly a unique experience.  Campers who had been previously shy, come to life once they put on the sensors, and grab ahold of the tagger.  

Plus, who doesn’t like getting to be the camper who eliminates their counselor? 

Campers also get to spend some time hanging out at the beach.  The beach is a great place for some quiet time, swimming in the lake, or playing football or frisbee. 

Last, and certainly not least is tubing.  

Campers all get the chance to take a ride, and take that ride however they want.  They can choose nice and slow, or fast and bumpy.  The smiles on the kids faces as they go flying around the lake is enough to warm even the grumpiest of hearts.  

Our Lake Staff does a fantastic job ensuring that the lake looks its best, and that the kids have a fantastic and safe time. Next time your are at camp and you see them, give them a big thank you!

Next Level

Ligonier Camp is proud to offer two different summer camp options for kids: Classic Camp, and Next Level.  Classic Camp as its name suggests is your 'classic' summer camp: archery, crafts, cookouts, bible study, etc.  

Next Level is are high intensity, all adventure program. It last for the first three weeks of camp, and if offered for kids ages 12-17.  We just wrapped up our last week of Next Level, but it is never too early to look back on all of the good times. 

Next Level is split up into huddles of five, and for the Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green Huddles, three huddles come together to form one massive huddle.  The Black Huddle is made up of one boys room, and one girls room, and they are the oldest campers in Next Level. 

These huddles spend all day together doing lots of adventure activities.  Every huddle does initiatives (team building activities), they then rotate between all of the adventure activities we have.  Every huddle does participate in Lake Day and White Water Rafting. 

Other potential adventure activities are: 

Tree Climbing

The Zipline

Pamper Jump

We also offer:  The Vomit Comet, Flying Squirrel, Mountain Bikes & Boards, and our brand new High Ropes Course!  Every morning and afternoon is packed full of these activities to give our campers the best experience possible. 

Next Level campers, also, participate in Bible Study, and CLUB with classic camp.  Despite the high intenstiy activities campers, and counselors alike agree that the flow of Next Level is very relaxed, and chill.  Check out what some of the Next Level campers had to say about Next Level. 

"The community of Ligonier is so welcoming and kind, it is a great way to learn more about Jesus and escape the chaos of real life." --Jon Lemieux

"Ligonier is so much fun and it really helps me strengthen my relationship with God.  Lake day and the overnight are awesome!" --Erica Rose

"Next Level at Ligonier reminds me that my journey in Christ is a joyful experience that will last a lifetime." -- Gordon Reeves  

4th of July!!!!

Happy 5th of July!

Yesterday, our great country celebrated its 240th birthday.  But, at camp.  We don't really care about that. 

We don't paint faces. 

We don't have a parade. 





We don't have a dunk tank. 

Just Kidding! 

We have all of this and so much more for the 4th of July.  We love having camp full of kids, who just wanna be silly and have fun.  We love celebrating, and we love celebrating with them even more.  

The rain may have cancelled the fireworks- don't worry, they come later- and cut the carnival a little short, but the joy and excitement never left.  

Thank you to all who participated and who helped make this all happen.  


To see more photos, check out our Bunk1 page. Also, check out Facebook to see photo's from our Photo Booth.