Before You Arrive

What do you need to do prior to camp?

Complete your forms

All of our health history will be digitally accessed by our nurses, but we still require a physical with a doctor's signature. So what does that mean for you? Here's what you need to do:

1) Complete your camper's Health History: Log on to your your online account. You will then click "View Itineraries" and choose your camper's registration. From there you can complete the Health Form listed under "Camp Services." That information can be completed by you! 

2) Get a Physical: We also require every camper to have a signed physical examination that has been completed in the last year. As far as forms go for this physical examination, you have a few options: you can download a copy of the Health History form that you complete and have your doctor sign that (available as an easily downloaded PDF on your online account). We are also happy to accept copies of school or sports physicals. Our only requirement is that they have been completed in within a year of your camper's session of camp. 

3) Upload your signed form: Once you have your completed form, please upload the PDF (no JPGs or Microsoft Word Docs) on your account. Log on here. You will then click "View Itineraries" and choose your camper's registration. From there, you will click on the "Forms Upload/Download" section under "Camp Services." You can only upload one file there, so you may need to merge your PDFs into one document. Once you have one document, upload away! Mission accomplished.

If you are having trouble downloading your camper's Health History Form from our website, you can download a blank paper form by clicking here

Create your Hub account

The Hub is what we call the camp store, where we sell snacks like candy, ice cream, chips, soft drinks, and souvenirs such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, stuffed animals, water bottles and more. Campers should set up their Hub account before coming to camp either during the registration process or by logging on to the online account after registration. Next Level campers will have hub accounts as well, which is different from years past! We recommend $30/week or $5 for Little Ligs, but ultimately the amount of spending money is up to you! Whatever your camper doesn't spend is refunded to you at the end of the session. Your remaining balance will be refunded to the credit card on file for your account. If you paid by check or cash, we will mail you a check for the remaining balance.

Make Cabin Mate Requests

You can email requests to friends while registering or by accessing your online account. Click "View Itineraries," then click on the registration. Under "Camp Services" you will see a section labeled "Roommate Requests." Once you've made the request, they will be sent an email with a code they can use to accept your request. You can have up to two cabin mate requests, and campers must be within two years of age in order to bunk together. We take cabin mate requests seriously and do our best to honor your first request. Please make sure you make any requests two weeks prior to the start of your session.

Sign up for Photos and Emails

You can sign up for a Bunk1 account in order to view photos and send your camper emails while they are at camp. Information will be available when you check in on incoming day. Campers will not have access to phone or electronics while at camp–have them ready to send you good old fashioned letters!

Click here for information about setting up your Bunk1 Account!

Pack the perfect Care Package

Camper care packages are welcome, but our space is limited for storage. Please keep care packages to a reasonable size. "Reasonable" in our book is about the size of a shoebox. We are a nut-free camp. Do not send any peanut or tree nut products!  If you forget and send Resees Peanut Butter Cups, we will hold on to them until the end of the session; you can pick them up from the kitchen office when before you depart. You may drop off your care package on Incoming Day or you can mail it to the following address: 

Ligonier Camp & Conference Center

Camper’s Name, Session #, Tribe # (assigned on incoming day) 

188 Macartney Lane, Ligonier, PA 15658