Child Protection Policy

Child ProtectioN Policy

Ligonier Camp is committed to the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of each camper in our care. Below are the policies we have enacted in order to ensure that our staff are properly vetted and trained to best keep children safe.

  1. Ligonier Camp and Conference Center will do background checks on all employees in accordance with the American Camping Association and Pennsylvania Sate Law. 
  2. LCCC staff should never be alone with a camper. Even during a one-on-one, the camper and staff member must be in the line of sight of other campers and staff.
  3. Trips to the restroom must be in groups of three. Groups should never consist of only two campers or one camper and one staff.
  4. If a camper is uncomfortable changing in the cabin, during evening shower time in the bathhouse, or any other time during their session, every effort should be made by the staff member to help facilitate, with the highest discretion, more private changing opportunities. 
  5. LCCC takes very seriously the physical and emotional safety of our campers. We will not tolerate intentional bullying, racial or ethnic slurs, crass comments about someone’s physical appearance, crude comments of a sexual nature or any physical attack from another camper. Such behavior will result in appropriate discipline that may include the aggressor being sent home.
  6. Staff are not permitted to continue a relationship with a camper after they leave camp without expressed permission from the child’s parent. This includes, but is not limited to, emails, Facebook friending, Snap Chat or any other social media sources. A counselor may write a letter or two after camp encouraging the camper and thanking them for their time at camp with the parent’s permission.