Online Account

With your online account you can:

Make Payments

Log on, and click "Make a Payment." You can also mail us a check, or call the registrar to make a payment over the phone. Full tuition is due by May 15. The full tuition will be due if you register for camp after May 15.

Complete and Download Important Forms

Here you can fill out your camper's Health History and download the form to be completed by a physician. To complete your camper's health history, click "View Itineraries" and then complete the section listed under "Camp Services" entitled "Health Form." Once you've completed your camper's health history, please download the Heath Form and have the appropriate section completed by a physician. Upload a PDF of the form on your account or email it to

Add Hub Money

Click "View Itineraries," then click on the registration. You will see a section on the right that says "Store Account." In that section you can add funds and opt to donate any remaining balance to the LCCC Scholarship fund. You can add money at any time - even mid-session! Please note that Next Level campers now have Hub Accounts. They shouldn't bring cash to camp any longer.

Make Cabin Mate Requests

Click "View Itineraries," then click on the registration. Under "Camp Services" you will see a section labeled "Roommate Requests." Here you can send requests to friends, or use a code to accept a request. You can send up to two requests; campers must be within two years of age in order to bunk together.