Intern at Ligonier Camp

Ligonier Camp & Conference Center is proud to offer internship opportunities for individuals ages 21-25 who are interested in pursuing careers in the fields of camping ministry, adventure education, youth ministry, or nonprofit organizations. We are devoted to developing individuals into leaders in their future field, as well as creating a culture of growth and learning. We also believe this is one of the coolest places you can work!

Ready to apply?

Terrific! Please click here to complete the online internship application. In addition to completing your application, we ask that you send a copy of your resume to Michele Robinson at

Want to know more?

We get a lot of questions about our intern program. Look below for some answers:

What will I be doing as an intern?

A little bit of everything! During your time at LCCC, you will be challenged and equipped to grow in all areas of our ministry: adventure facilitating, food services, housekeeping, guest services, marketing & promotional trips, summer staff discipleship & leadership, facilities & property management, and fundraising. 

How long is the internship? When does it start?

Our year-long internships begin in September and can last for up to two years. 

Will you pay me? Where will I live?

Interns are provided with housing, a weekly food stipend, and a semesterly salary of $2000. 

What will I get out of all of this?

A lot! You don't have to want to work in summer camping to get incredible professional experience that can directly impact your future. From designing and planning your own internship project, to being included in the many facets of running a nonprofit organization, there are countless ways for you to grow and network during your time here. On top of that, we love to teach people fun skills outside of work! You could learn how to roast your own coffee, go buck hunting for the first time, or find out how to change the brake pads on your car. 

How will I grow spiritually?

We are committed to your personal and spiritual development through discipleship and small group meetings. You'll be encouraged to get connected with a local church or ministry during your time, while having one-on-one discipleship with our year-round staff.

Are you guys any fun? What do you do when you're not at work?

Of course we are! I mean, part of your job is going to be playing laser much more fun does it get? But outside of the office, we do everything from weekly trivia nights, to community dinners, to Sunday football get-togethers. We're only about an hour from Pittsburgh, so there are plenty of opportunities to find fun things to do nearby!

Is there a deadline to apply? 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but our goal is to be finished with hiring by May 1st. 

You didn't answer my question here. I demand answers!

Okay, okay! You should contact Michele Robinson, our Intern Coordinator at or (724) 238-6428 x111 with your questions. She'd be delighted to help you!